North Carolina Barnes Family

Ernest Howard Barnes – Pedigree Chart



Ernest Howard Barnes was born in Wayne County, North Carolina in 1885. His parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents had also all been born in North Carolina. Members of his Barnes Clan arrived quite early in America, with many coming to Virginia and Pennsylvania, and most of his ancestors had immigrated during the 1600s and early 1700s from England, Scotland, and Ireland. When land opened up in North Carolina, they became land owners there, eventually settling near the border of what would become Johnston and Wayne counties.

On 22 February 1914 Ernest Howard Barnes married Helen Catherine Barnes in New York City, NY. She was also known as Ellen Barns, and was born in Kings County (now called Offaly County), Ireland in 1881.

With two Barnes lines we are always glad to hear from others searching for their Barnes roots. Many thanks to all the Barnes researchers for sharing information!





1 Response to North Carolina Barnes Family

  1. Cheryl Warren says:

    My name is Cheryl Barnes Warren and my father was James David Barnes (1913-1963) and his father was William David Barnes (1866-1931) and they lived in Newsoms, Southampton County, VA. Per Williams’s death certificate his father was Jim (James?) Barnes and his mother was Jane Sandifer. According to 1870 census James was born about 1820. I could not find a marriage or death document for them. I’ve been researching my Barnes family and keep coming to a dead end. They were so many James, Joseph, Jacob Barnes in that area. I also searching counties iin NC. I did my DNA through and recently I received a message from James Allen Barnes stating that our DNA matched as 4th cousins. His grand father was James Herbert Barnes. That is how I found this website. Also, to be more confusing, my father’s sister was Mary Ethel Barnes (b. 1918) and she married Kulon Yelverton. M. Yelverton is mentioned in document for Nancy Musgrove Barnes. If you have any info or suggestions, please contact me at my personal email.

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