BarnesRyanMarriage_0001Barnes and Ryan marriage document from the Irish Midlands Ancestry. Tullamore, Offaly, Ireland. “Barnes Family History” report date 12 May 2005. This information was also supplied by the Kilcolman Roman Catholic Church, Sharavogue, Birr, County Offaly, Ireland, in a letter dated 2 June 2008, from Fr. Kieran Blake – “John Barnes and Mary Ann Ryan were married on June 13, 1859.  John Barnes and Bridget Larkin were married on November 24, 1909.”


BarnesRoseMarriageBarnes and Rose marriage record received on Oct 4, 2004, from Wayne County Courthouse, P.O. Box 267, Goldsboro, NC 27533-0227. A copy of the marriage application and marriage record of Thos. W. Barnes and Ophelia Rose. The application was on Feb 26, 1884, and Thos. W. Barnes states he is the son of J. Barnes, dead, and N. Barnes, living, resident of Wayne County. The marriage took place at the residence of G.P. Rose in Grantham Township, father of the bride, on Feb 28, 1884, and was witnessed by: R.M. Bizzell of Johnston, R.D. Kennedy of Grantham, and W.E. Blackman of Grantham. They were married by John T. Brogden, ordained minister of the M. E. Church. (Note: W. E. Blackman could have been Ophelia’s cousin. Her mother Nancy Brent Rose had a sister Elizabeth that married Sir William Blackman. Of their 12 children, two had the initial W. E. Blackman – Walter Edgar and William Edgar Blackman. By the 1880 Federal Census they were living in Grantham Township, Wayne County, NC.  R.M. Bizzell most likely was his cousin Robert Mosley Bizzell, son of Bethany Barnes Bizzell).



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