This site is dedicated to providing genealogical information about the Barnes family ancestors in Ireland, Scotland, England, and also in the United States – including New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Virginia. I started in genealogy by searching my family’s roots, but then I branched out researching my husband’s family. His paternal grandparents both shared the surname Barnes.


Dublin, Ireland – Maryann Barnes. Finding my way.

Please also visit the blog I write with my sister, called Genealogy Sisters. If you look under “Topics” and the surname link, you’ll see some earlier posts about the Barnes family.

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  1. Edward John Reinhold says:

    I am researching Amanda Barnes b. 1750 Morris, New Jersey. She married a Roberts who had early connections to the Dutch Van Winkle’s.

    • If you haven’t done DNA testing to connect with others in your lineage, I would advise doing so. Family Tree DNA in Houston, Texas has group projects to join after testing. You can also transfer results from AncestryDNA for free, and see your top 20 matches, or for a small fee unlock your results. There is an autosomal DNA group project for erly New Jersey settlers and both Barnes and Roberts are listed. This matches you with other DNA testers. https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/new-jersey/about

      There are sales during the year, so if you are interested and haven’t tested follow their Facebook pages for announcements. The next big sale usually comes at St. Patrick’s Day.

      You will also see both Barnes and Roberts Y-DNA surname group projects. That test compares results of men only sharing similar surnames.


      Our Barnes family has one branch early Virginia and Eastern Carolina settlers from England in the late 1600s, and a later branch coming from Ireland to New York and New Jersey at the end of the 1800s and early 1900s.

      Good luck searching your roots!


  2. Hello.
    My ysearch results User ID: PW56H indicate a large number of genetic market matches with last name Barnes. (25 markers, genetic distance 1)
    Do you have any records indicating a Bowden/Barnes family association?
    My family is the Bowden family group that immigrated from Isle of Wight VA into Duplin county NC ca 1760

  3. John Murphy says:

    Any identified link between Barnes and Carter would be appreciated. The first names as shown by me may not be strictly correct – both Bridget and John have variations. JM

  4. John Murphy says:

    I am trying to trace a Bridget Eileen Barnes. Born in Ireland 1915 – 1925. Possibly married to Carter (John) from Baggot Street Dublin Ireland sometime around 1943. Does this ring a bell with any of the Barnes researchers? Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. JJM

    • Maryann Barnes says:

      Hi John,
      I’m always interested in other folks researching Irish Barnes/Barns. I’m also interested in any John Carter men from Dublin, since one of my g-g-grandfathers was named that and also possibly from Dublin. I did a quick search for a 10 year period for any Bridget Barnes born in any county in Ireland between 1915-1925, and got one result. You can get more information by paying for the actual record, if you think this was a county associated with your Bridget Barnes. This site doesn’t have marriage records from the 1940s. It is called the Irish Family History Foundation: [25 credits Church Baptism Barnes Bridget 1923 Co. Waterford http://www.rootsireland.ie/ ]
      Good luck searching, and if I notice any other information I’ll be sure to pass it on!

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