Barnes and Musgrave Families of Wayne County, North Carolina

Source: Marriage record of Nancy Ann Musgrave and jacob Barnes, 1854. Record accessed 17 November 2914.

Source: Marriage record of Nancy Ann Musgrave and Jacob Barnes, 1854. Record accessed 17 November 2014.

When I started researching my husband’s Barnes line, I knew they had Wayne County, North Carolina roots. My husband’s father and his Aunt Helen had told me that their father, Ernest Barnes, had been born in the Goldsboro area in 1885, and that the family had lived in Grantham Township. It took lots of research to find out that his grandfather’s grandmother was Nancy Ann Musgrave Barnes (1837-1921). The Barnes surname is a very common one in North Carolina, and there are many different lines in Wayne County!

This year I have been trying to find out my about both mine, and my husband’s, grandparents grandparents. From focusing on these specific generations in our family tree I’ve been having very good results and learning more about the history of our families.

Nancy Ann Musgrave married Jacob H. Barnes on 18 May 1854 in Wayne County, NC. She was the daughter of Tobias and Apsilla Whitley Musgrave. After her father’s death in 1848, her mother married John T. Toler, of Wayne County, NC. From searching this month in the “North Carlina Estate Files, 1663-1979” I’ve finally found out that Nancy Ann’s father died on 1 January 1848 in Wayne County, when he was 42 years old, and she was 10 years old. The estate files gives many pages of details about the guardians appointed for Nancy Ann and her brothers, William and Needham, and the settling of Tobias’ estate.


Here is a note I saved from when I was trying to unravel the Barnes family tree.

Oct. 2004 – I’m not sure if Nancy Ann Musgrave is the mother of Thomas W. Barnes, but I’m entering her because the information seems to fit. On his marriage application he stated his father was J. Barnes – dead, and his mother is N. Barnes – living of Wayne County, NC. He gives his age as 23, and he would be turning 24 in April of that year if he was born in 1860. From the 1870 Federal Census for Wayne County. Grantham Township, there is a Thos. W. Barnes, age 10, living with his mother N. A. Barnes age 32, and sisters Emma – 15, Alice – 13. In the 1880 Federal Census, Wayne County, Brodgen District, there is a T. W. Barnes age 20. living with his mother N. A. Barnes age 42. Also, in the 1900 Federal Census for Wayne County there no longer is a Thomas W. Barnes, and Bessie Pauline Barnes seems to be listed twice; once with her mother Ophelia in Grantham Township, and earlier that month with Musgrave relatives in Goldsboro Township. [Yes, this is the right family. – Maryann Barnes].

Nancy Ann Musgrave’s husband, Jacob H. Barnes, died at age 36, after being wounded and captured during the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War. He died at Fort Delaware during a measles outbreak, while being held as a prisoner of war by the Union side. She never remarried. Nancy Ann Musgrave Barnes is buried at the Willowdale Cemetery in Goldsboro, Wayne County, NC.

Below is where I found the copy of the marriage record at the top of this post. All of the records at FamilySearch are free, so take a look and try to find something new about your ancestry. Good luck researching your family and unraveling your lineage!


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I live in Virginia and enjoy meandering walks back into the past. I also enjoy old photographs and sharing family research.
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11 Responses to Barnes and Musgrave Families of Wayne County, North Carolina

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Maryann,

    Ernest is my great grandfather through his son Ernest. Your blog has been fascinating for my sister and I. We’ve started accounts and would love to connect and take a peek at your tree.


    • Hi Tom, I’m glad you and your sister have enjoyed the blog. I’ve set my Barnes Clan Family Tree to public. My daughter is the home person under K.B., and matches with your family. My late husband tested with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and MyHeritage. If you have any questions or want to connect with emails you can message me with Glad to hear from you! Best regards, Maryann

  2. I want to also say that family lore said our Musgrave family was connected to John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed. I did see an article in Westmoreland County Pa. saying that, but was unable to download it at the time. Now I can not find it. But it has been passed by word of mouth from my Grandmother Sarah Fox Dunlope daughter of Margaret Allice Brooks Fox whos mother was Mary “Polly” Musgrave Brooks.

  3. I have been researching the Musgrave side of my Great Grandmother Margaret Allice Brooks (m.Isreal Brooks some time before çivil war) Her mother was Màry (we think) “Polly” Musgrave. I have researched for years here in Westmoreland County, Pa where she settled but have not found anything. There where some found in Ohio but nothing clicks yet. What have you been able to find in your Musgrave family resarch?

    • Hi Beverly, Thanks for reading about my husband’s Musgrave line. I will add a link here for the Find A Grave information on the Pennsylvania Musgrave line, and also our Barnes Clan Family Tree on Ancestry (it is a Public tree). My husband’s line were Quakers that left England for Northern Ireland, and from there to Pennsylvania. Oswin Musgrave > John Musgrave > Caleb Musgrave > Richard Musgrave > Tobias Musgrave. John Musgrave was born in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland and came to Pennsylvania in 1682 with other Quakers including his father. He had a brother named Moses Musgrave. They came to Chester County, PA and then lived in an area that became Lancaster County, PA. From there they came to Wayne County, NC. One branch went to Indiana from NC. I will look into your line. That is interesting about John Chapman!
      ~ Maryann
      Oswin Musgrave (1640-1687)

  4. Cheryl says:

    Hi Maryann, I am searching for a Pherabe Or Pheraby Barnes all I know is she was born some where in North Carolina and married my grandfather John Catlett in Sevier Tennessee. John was from some where in Virginia. John and Pheraby moved to Flat Lick Kentucky in Knox County and raised a family. If you could shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it, if not thank you for trying. Sincerely Cheryl

  5. Michael Moore says:

    Brandon and Maryann, there’s a few people researching Caraway and Hannah. They’re buried in GA but we’re no closer in NC to determining parentage of Caraway. We also search for Henry synonymously with Caraway. Would be good to compare notes.

  6. brandon says:

    Hello I am researching my ancestry thier in Wayne County. Im looking for a Caraway Barnes born 1809. Who Married Hannah Peacock both from Wayne County. Found lots on the peacock family and when i search same census pages for barnes i find 12 different Barnes lo if you have any thing tha could possibly help could you email me?

    • Hi Brandon, I don’t have anything on a Caraway Barnes. That is a unique name, so if I do come across anything I will pass it on. What township or town in Wayne County, NC did your ancestors live in? ~ Maryann

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