Six Word Saturday – Wearing hats takes a certain panache!

Wearing hats takes a certain panache!

Mystery Woman in a Hat. Perkin's Studio, Baltimore, Maryland.

Mystery Woman in a Hat.  Photograph taken at the Perkin’s Studio, Baltimore, Maryland.

The mystery lady above has a very stylish wild hat. This, and the photo below of another mystery lady, belonged to Sarah Ophelia Rose Barnes. Most of Ophelia’s photographs were taken in Goldsboro or Rocky Mount, North Carolina, but the one above was taken in Baltimore. The only family member that we are aware of that lived in Baltimore, was Ophelia’s sister, Martha Ann “Annie” Rose Turlington (1874-1968) and her family.

Mystery Young Lady. Photgraph taken at the David Hallery Studio, Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

Mystery Young Lady. Photograph taken at the David Hallery Studio, Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.

The young lady above also has a very interesting hat. She looks a little bit like the first woman. Both are wearing glasses, but this young lady looks very studious and shy, yet confidant and comfortable with her own style. The other Richmond photographs in Ophelia’s collection were of Rose kinfolk.

Sarah Ophelia Rose Barnes died in 1936, leaving behind an old trunk filled with family photographs. The photograph below wasn’t in her collection, but shows her daughter-in-law, Helen Barnes, wearing a beautiful hat. Most likely this photo was taken in New York City. Helen’s maiden name was also Barnes, and she was born in Ireland in 1881. Grandmother Helen is definitely wearing her hat with confidence and style!

Helen Barnes (1881-1973)

Helen Barnes (1881-1973)

I’m very interested in hats, because I joined the local chapter of the Red Hat Society over the winter. Before that I usually only shopped for baseball caps and visors. Plus, hats still seem very popular for ladies in the south.

Six Word Saturday is a blogging prompt suggested by Cate, at Show My Face. Many thanks to our Coleman and Barnes family for sharing their photographs. Happy Saturday!


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I live in Virginia and enjoy meandering walks back into the past. I also enjoy old photographs and sharing family research.
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