The Death of Mary Ryan Barnes in Ireland – 1904

Source: Irish Midlands Ancestry, Bury Quay, tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland. Record sent 16 Dec 2005.

Source: Irish Midlands Ancestry, Bury Quay, Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland. Record sent 16 Dec 2005 [click on image to enlarge].

Researching the death of ancestor Mary Ann Ryan Barnes took a bit of time. We knew by 2005 that our Irish Barnes family had been parishioners of the Kilcolman Roman Catholic Church in County Offaly, Ireland. Back when Mary Ann Ryan was born on the 15th of July 1841, it was called King’s County.  We had commissioned a report on our Barnes family, from the Irish Midlands Ancestry, and had received back a nice big packet in May 2005. At that time the death record for Mary wasn’t found. Two possible birth records had been found, with the one closest to her age showing her parents of Jamy and Johanna Ryan. With two of her twelve children being named James and Johanna, it seemed the correct fit.

When the above death record was found we knew it was correct. At that time the record cost an additional $15.00. We had sent the funds gladly! What struck us right away was that Mary had died one day before her birthday. Her age was listed as 63, and that would have been her age the next day. Since her death was certified, she must have been under treatment by a doctor for her bronchitis.

Most of what we had found out about Mary was from one of her granddaughters, Helen Barnes Golden. She helped us immensely with her great recollections of her Irish aunts and uncles. She shared this one tidbit about Mary Ryan Barnes – that Mary had never felt she had a normal teenager experience – she went right from being a child to being a bride. We were rather surprised to find out that she was 17, and almost 18, when she married John Barnes. We thought she would have been younger.

Mary Ann Ryan married John Barnes on 13 June 1859 at the Kilcolman Church. We had received the marriage record from Irish Midlands Ancestry. I also sent a letter to the parish priest at the Kilcolman R. C. Church in May of 2008 to find out if there was any more information. Fr. Kieran Blake kindly replied, ” John Barnes and Mary Ann Ryan were married on June 13, 1859. John Barnes and Bridget Larkin were married on November 24, 1909. John Joe wars baptized on March 3, 1914.”

At this time we don’t think there is a gravestone marker at any of the parish cemeteries for John and Mary Ryan Barnes, after an extensive search. Their grandson, John Joe Barnes, put up a gravestone for his parents, John and Bridget Barnes, at the Dungar Cemetery, Fancroft, near Roscrea, Ireland. He never married nor had children. All of the rest of Mary and John Barnes’ children emigrated to the United States.

Looking at the Ireland Census of 1901, the last taken before Mary’s death, she can be found as the head of the household in King’s County, in the townland of Aghadouglas, Kilcolman, living in house number 3. She’s listed as a Roman Catholic, 60 years old, a widow, born in Kings County. With her were her children: John, age 30; Daniel, age 23; Ellen, age 18; and Thomas, age 16 (all not married). Her husband, John, had died in 1892.

The children that had already left for the United States were: Maria, Patrick, Margaret, James, Johanna, Anna, Hannah, and Daniel. We did find a record at Ellis Island, New York, for Jeremiah’s entrance in 1910, when he went to his brother James’ home. Most of the Barnes siblings went to 223 East 36th St., NYC, and stayed with their siblings when they first left Ireland.

Tuesday’s Tip: Civil registration of births, marriages, and death records started in Ireland in 1864 – 1958. Family Search at The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints is a good site to start your search: .  Certificates can be ordered from them. Under this heading there is more information and this suggestion – Ireland Civil Registration – “Civil registration records are also indexed online at and These are either pay-as-you-go or subscription websites”. I did find a basic listing for our Mary Barnes searching Source – “ Ireland, Civil Registration Deaths Index, 1864-1958 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011 Original data: “Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 1845–1958,” Index. FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, Utah. General Register Office. “Quarterly Returns of Births in Ireland with Index to Births.” Belfast, Ireland.”  Good luck searching Irish records!

Name: Mary Barnes
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1841
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1904
Death Age: 63
Registration district: Roscrea
Volume: 3
Page: 359
FHL Film Number: 101602

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